Ngudradrekai Women Pray for Zimbabwe


Taiwan Church News
3564 Edition
June 15 – 21, 2020
Church Ministry

Ngudradrekai Women Pray for Zimbabwe

Reported by Lin Wang-ting

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the initially scheduled March prayer assembly for the country of Zimbabwe in 2020 World Day of Prayer, entitled as “Stand Up, Take Your Mat and Walk!” and organized by the Women Ministry Committee of Ngudradrekai Presbytery, is formally held at Kucapungane Presbyterian Church in the afternoon on June 16, 2020.

Many representatives of northern Taiwan’s aboriginal churches, including Acili Church and Mathariri Church, are also invited to attend this significant assembly.

In addition to give thanksgiving to God’s beautiful creation, the harmonious chanting, colorful dressing and indigenous dancing of Ngudradrekai women fellowships during the service deeply touch and inspire the audience to pray for our Zimbabwean brothers and sisters on the African continent.

Rev Chen Yu-fen, PCT missionary to UK at London, and Rev Divan Suqluman, PCT missionary to Japan at Hokkaido, are both invited to report their working status and demands within their local ministries.

Rev Ripunu, moderator of Ngudradrekai Presbytery, expresses his thanksgiving for the offerings and resilience of the women ministries to participate annually in the World Day of Prayer. Reminding the audience that Taiwan will be the country to be prayed in 2023, he encouraged the Ngudradrekai women to carry on this mission to bless the countries all over the world.

Rev Parli, general secretary of Ngudradrekai Presbytery, reports to the assembly that a series of thanksgivings events will be held form July to December within this year to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ngudradrekai missionary service. He urges the audience and PCT members to take part in this wonderful celebration.

Translated by Peter Wolfe