Ka Caw Remembered as Guardian of Talampo Community

(相片提供/Fadah Payu)

Taiwan Church News
3566 Edition
June 29 – July 25, 2020
Church News

Ka Caw Remembered as Guardian of Talampo Community

Reported by Chang Yuan-ching

A funeral service of Mr Ka Caw, general secretary of Talampo Cultural and Agricultural Development Association(TCADA) at Fulie, Hualien, is held at Talampo Presbyterian Church on June 20. Ka Caw was seriously stung by wild bees, due to an accident kick, when he was doing a water-pipe-plumbing work on the job. Unfortunately, he passed away after an immediate rescue.

His family and hundreds of people, including village elders, friends and acquaintance, attend the service to pay their tribute to this community guardian.

According to Rev Fadah Payu, pastor of Talampo Presbyterian Church, during his wonderful service from June 2007 to July 2013, Mr Ca Kaw’s is absolutely the most critical pushing-hand to improve and inspire Talampo’s farming of Orange Daylily.

Especially noteworthy is that, Rev Fadah Payu says, due to Ca Kaw’s innovative and insistence to do further research and development works on farming, Talampo’s Organge Daylily is awarded the first ever IMO (The Institute of Marketecology from European Union) certified produce in Taiwan and since attracts more indigenous communities across Taiwan to follow such fertilizer-free and organic farming method.

After his discharge from the job as TCADA general secretary, Ca Kaw still enthusiastically devotes himself to promoting the so-called “Three Treasures of Fulie Township”, i.e. the farming of orange daylily, rice and mushroom, Rev Fadah Payu reflects, and his farming plan is always deemed by government as extremely potential and rewarded with many farming contracts to help his tribal people in recent tears.

It’s a great pity and loss to see such a good and talented young man to leave the tribal people, who are desperately need his insight and creativity, Rev Fadah Payu says. But seeing so many good friends and tribal people came to pay their highest tribute in the farewell service, it showcases the life-story of Ca Kaw’s passion can inspire us to love and serve our neighbor without despair, Rev Fadah Payu says.

Translated by Peter Wolfe