Lee Teng-hui, Remembered as Hero of Taiwan Democracy


Taiwan Church News
3571 Edition
August 3 – 9, 2020
Headline News

Lee Teng-hui, Remembered as Hero of Taiwan Democracy

Reported by Lin Yi-ying

Dr Lee Teng-hui, aged 98, the first Taiwanese president elected via an universal suffrage in 1996, passed away at 7:24 p.m. on July 30, 2020.

Rev Abus Takisvilainan, moderator of the PCT General Assembly, expresses her grievous loss and sincere condolence to his family and friends. The office of the PCT General Assembly also affirms the contribution made by president Lee as the prophetic voice of Taiwan democracy and endorses him as “Founder of Taiwan Country”.

Rev Abus Takisvilainan reflects, when president Lee delivered his speech witnessing the 150th anniversary of PCT mission in 2015, that the audience were so much encouraged to receive his advise: Love Taiwan and her people like God loves us! Remarkably, president Lee stressed that Taiwan’s future shall be decided by all Taiwanese people, and amid the movement the church shall become the sign of love and hope, she says.

Rev Zeng Yang-en, professor of church history at Taiwan Theological Collage and Seminary, describes president Lee as “an erudite scholar and a philosopher-king”.

President Lee Teng-hui as an intelligent and audacious leader, blessed with a committed Christian faith and tested under the dangerous turmoils of unpredictable power politics in the second half of 20th century, bequeathing a wonderful model with invaluable legacies – freedom, democracy, human rights and rules of law – for the future leaders and Taiwanese people, Rev Zeng says.

Translated by Peter Wolfe