Northern PCT Mission Forum Stresses Ministries Across Ages for 2022


Taiwan Church News
3637 Edition
8 ~ 14 November, 2021
General assembly News

Northern PCT Mission Forum Stresses Ministries Across Ages for 2022

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

For PCT mission ministries to better proceed and proclaim the good news in 2022, a mission forum for PCT northern presbyteries was launched to listen the voices from local churches at the Presbyterian Bible College on November 4, 2021.

Rev Chen Hsin-loan, PCT general secretary, Rev Sudu Tada, associate general secretary, and Rev Ng Tiat-gan, director of R&D center and many co-workers from PCT General Assembly were invited to attend this meeting.

In the conference, many suggestions and opinions concerning the missionary demands were raised from front-line local pastors, elders and deacons. And the exchange and communication between the northern presbytery and the general assembly was constructive for the ministries in the coming year in 2022.

Elder Chen Chen-kun, from Tai-Ann Church of Hsin-Chu Presbytery, urged General Assembly to place the energies and resources to those who have the longest life-span to stay in the church(meaning the children) and those who have limited time left to receive an oil-blessing before their death(meaning the old people). This is because over two-thirds PCT members were over 60-year-old, and if the PCT church wish to rejuvenate and take good care of her most population, Elder Chen expressed.

Speaking for the youth, Rev Liu Chen-yi suggested the PCT to study why so many church youth were enthusiastic about attending various Bible Studies Workshops instead of regular church service or meeting?

Rev Chen Wen-chin, general secretary of Chi-Hsin Presbytery, concurred that the development of PCT ministries should focus on both the children and the youth, as the church ministry of extra-curriculum support for the children in communities did help attract people coming into church.

Translated by Peter Wolfe