Taiwan Church News
3681 Edition
Sept 12 ~ Sept 18, 2022
Topic News

Local Election Candidates Urged to Sign Up Pledge of No Surrender to China

Reported by Lin Yi-yin at Taipei

On September 5, many renown civilian groups held a joint press conference, urging candidates of the incoming local elections, set to be held at November 26, sign up a pledge of No Surrender to China.

Mr Chen Nan-tien, chairman of the World United Formosans for Independence(WUFI), called Taiwanese to stand firm and determined to defend our country, just like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rejected US’s offer to flee and fought defiantly at Kiyv, if China dared to invade Taiwan.

Witnessing Taiwan society’s efficient raise for Ukrain to reach 100 million NT dollars within three days, and later came to 1 billion NT dollars less than one month, Rev Lin Wei-lien, secretary of the PCT Church and Society Committee, expressed his strong confidence in Taiwan society’s dynamic mobility to recruit necessary resources, be it personnel, finance, medicine and etc, to defend our island-country Taiwan.

Rev Lin gave his grave concern that there were still minority people in Taiwan, deliberately overlooking China’s routine intimidation against Taiwan and brutal bloody oppression among Tibet, Uyghur and Hong Kong, playing the role like the Fifth Column for China to spread fake-news and hates speech to split Taiwan society. And this is why the candidates of the incoming local election were urged to sign up the pledge of No Surrender to China, said Rev Lin.

Prof Seng Pao-yang, representative of KUMA Academy, a very popular civilian-defense institute recently established and invested with hundreds of million NT dollars by Mr Robert  Tsao – former UMC Honorary chairman, emphasized the importance of civilian defense as a serious responsibility of local magistrate or council members, especially this is a time Taiwan is constantly harassed by China’s missiles, airplanes and warships.

Except WUFI, PCT and KUMA Academy, many civilian groups also participated in this press conference, including Taiwan Association of University Professors, Taiwan New Constitution, Taiwan National Security Association, Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan, New Taiwan Peace Foundation, National Students’ Union of Taiwan and etc.


Translated by Peter Wolfe