Ecumenical Family brings solidarity with PCT in the Wake of the...

A strong earthquake struck off east coast of Taiwan with magnitude of 7.2 on April 3 at 7:58 in the morning. Upon getting the news, ecumenical churches and organizations immediately bring their concerns and solidarity with Taiwan and Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT). They all express the prayers in the urgent time of suffering caused by the earthquake.

The Strongest Earthquake in 25 Years Hits Eastern Taiwan

A strong earthquake struck off east coast of Taiwan with magnitude of 7.2. It hit Hualien on Wednesday, April 3, at 7:58 a.m. This earthquake caused severe disasters and casualties in many places across Taiwan, especially the Hualien and its mountain areas. Until April 7, 13 people dead 1,145 people injured, 6 people lost in contact and 604 people stranded. This earthquake is the strongest in 25 years.

Remembering the 228 Massacre in a Relentless Pursuit of Truth and...

In the afternoon on March 30, the Memorial Foundation of 228 and the Caring 228 Victims Association jointly held the "Memorial Service for the Missing Victims of the 228 Massacre" at the National 228 Memorial Museum.

Love to Team Ukraine, the 2nd Shipment of Medical Resources Launched

Jointly hosted by the generous donors, legislator Wang Ting-yu, Taiwan Association of Community Advancement (TACA) and Taiwan Stand for Ukraine (TSU), a donation service and press conference for sending the 2nd shipment of medical resources to Ukraine was held at Li-Min Precision Co., Ltd, located in Hsin-Shi District, Tainan City on March 23rd. The shipment, including 154 medical beds, was prepared ready to deliver on board.

God’s Truth Leads Us in the Way – A New Bunun...

After 19 years of teamwork cooperation and translation, a new version of the Bunun Bible is officially launched. Three indigenous PCT Presbyteries, including Bunun, Bunun Ciubu, and Nanpu, stand together with the Bible Society in Taiwan (BST) to hold a Bible dedication and thanksgiving service at Ainung Presbyterian Church on March 16 to share the good news with their tribal fellows.

PCT Seminar Held on Community Civil Resilience and Creative Youth Ministry

A 2024 PCT Ministry Seminar, organized by the PCT Church and Society Ministry Committee, was held at the Wu Feng Church of the Taichung Presbytery from March 5th to 6th. During the meeting, Rev Song Cheng-yoh of Wu Feng Church briefly introduced the renowned Lin family in Wu Feng area and its role during the process of Taiwan's democratization.

World Day of Prayer 2024 – I Beg You … Bear...

The focus of 2024 World Day of Prayer (WDP) is the dire situation of Palestine. To promote peace and understanding through prayer, the Women’s Ministry Committee of the PCT Chi-Hsin Presbytery held a service at Chong-Shan Church on the morning of March 1st.

New Perspectives toward 228 Massacre: Pursue an Honest History and Build...

This year, 2024, marks the 77th anniversary of 228 Massacre, and the "228.0 Commemorative Action" initiated by Nylon Cheng Liberty Foundation and Tsai Jui-Yueh Dance Research Institute has also entered its 8th year of campaign.

Maljavar: An Indigenous Round Table Seminar on the Gospel vs Cultures

In recent years, churches have always enthusiastically discussed topics such as "gospel vs culture" and "faith vs politics". In order to create opportunities for a cross-generational dialogue, Heizang Church of Payuan Presbytery held the first round table seminar, entitled as "Maljavar (Listen and Speak): An Indigenous Round Table Seminar on the Gospel vs Cultures" on February 6th.

Going on toward Perfection, Bunun Ciubu Presbytery Celebrates its 30th Anniversary...

To celebrates its 30th anniversary of mission, with the theme of "Going on toward perfection while it’s in our prime", Bunun Ciubu Presbytery held a series of celebrations, including thanksgiving service, charity auction, sports competition, entertainment games and etc., at National Shui-Li Vocational High School of Commerce and Industry in Nantou County from February 3rd to 4th.