PCT Labor Center Stands By Migrant Workers On The Eve Of Workers’ Day


Taiwan Church News
3400 Edition
24 – 30 April, 2017
Church Ministry

PCT Labor Center Stands By Migrant Workers On The Eve Of Workers’ Day

Reported by Chn Yi-fan

Except their daily operation to take care of domestic labors, PCT Labor Center(PLC), an institute affiliated with PCT’s Peace Foundation, also have extended their ministry to cover migrant workers in recent years.

Mr Jan Chang-rong, director of PLC, said in an interview that an out-reach project to care for migrant workers accompanying the elders was just launched. Through a co-operation with local churches, both Lin-ya Presbyterian Church of Kaohsiung Presbytery and Deh-seng Presbyterian Church of So-shan Presbytery, PLC helped to translate the messages of health education and evangelical teachings to migrant workers in the park.

From 2018, PLC will cooperate with Labor Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government to set up several service station for migrant workers in order to help them solve various infringement encountered in their daily lives, codes compliance and human rights, Mr Jan said, adding that a special ministry collaborating with Social Affairs Bureau on protecting female migrant workers from sexual abuse or sexual harassment will be set up soon.

PLC, as a member of Migrants Empowerment Network in Taiwan(MENT), also took to the streets on Ketagalan
Boulevard in front of the Presidential Office Building in Taipei on April 30. Standing by numerous labor union, NGOs, and student unions from across Taiwan, PLC urged Taiwan government to take a serious concern about migrant works’ working condition and legal rights.

Translated by Peter Wolfe