FTV Launches A New Program: It’s Cool To Speak Taiwanese Now


Taiwan Church News
3407 Edition
12 – 18 June, 2017
Topical News

FTV Launches A New Program: It’s Cool To Speak Taiwanese Now

Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong

Since February 2017 the broadcasting of the educational program of Taiwan School, covering an encyclopedic knowledge and issues about Taiwan island, Formosa TV(FTV) has won a big applaud and recognition from Taiwan society.

Now, a new program about Taiwanese, entitled as “It’s cool to speak Taiwanese now“, is also launched from June 1 and co-hosted by Ms Lin Jia-yi, General Secretary of Taiwan Mother Tongues Alliance, and Ms Chen Fong-huei, both an executive officer of Li Kang Khiok Taiwanese, Culture & Education Foundation and an expert of Taiwanese in the Promote Taiwan’s Mother Tongues Committee under PCT General Assembly.

“The targeted audience of this new program are those wishing to learn Taiwanese, yet not so fluent to speak or communicate in oral expressions”, according to Chen. This program of Taiwanese will be recorded and broadcast in 13 units through 3 ascending steps, Chen remarked, step I: to introduce some basic ideas about Taiwanese; step II: to show how Taiwanese is used in daily conversation; step III: some important usages or special grammar will be explained for the audience. This new program on Taiwanese is available in a Youtube search.

Translated by Peter Wolfe