Rev Dr Lin Hong-hsin Publicize His New Book – Systematic Theology


Taiwan Church News
3407 Edition
12 – 18 June, 2017
Church Ministry

Rev Dr Lin Hong-hsin Publicize His New Book – Systematic Theology

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

Rev Dr Lin Hong-hsin, former president of Taiwan Theological College and Seminary(TTCS), launched his new book set of tomes – Systematic Theology – on June 6.

Rev Dr Chen Shang-jen, current president of TTCS, gave his special thanks to Rev Lin for his incessant scholar enthusiasm serving as TTCS professor of systematic theology. Rev Chen also shared the secret how these tomes of Rev Lin were seriously written, as a hard work of disciplined studies and concentrated writings, starting from 5:00 a.m. on each day’s morning at his TTCS office in the past decades.

Rev Samuel H.H. Chiow, professor of church history at China Evangelical Seminary, confirmed Rev Lin’s contribution to the Chinese church through his Chinese writings in theological studies. Rev Chiow also gave his humorous praise about Rev Lin’s audacious writing over 2000 pages, an impressive achievement more than John Calvin’s 1,500 pages of the famous The Institutes of Christian Religion.

Following the advise of John Calvin, the knowledge of God and of ourselves mutually connected, Rev Lin introduced the contents of his Systematic Theology in six parts from the visible to the invisible: part one present a brief theological framework based on love, faith and hope; part two focuses on “Know Man”; part three “Know God”; part four “Know Jesus Christ”; part five “Know Holy Spirit”; part six discusses theological methods.

Rev Lin hoped his new book, edited as a readable volume blending with kinds of biblical stories, church histories, theologians’ biographies and traditional cultures, could well lead readers sailing into the uncharted water of Christian faith and theology.

Translated by Peter Wolfe