Rev Peter Bush, Rev Paul McLean And Their Spouses Visit PCT General Assembly Office


Taiwan Church News
3412 Edition
July 17 – 23, 2017
Church Ministry

Rev Peter Bush, Rev Paul McLean And Their Spouses Visit PCT General Assembly Office

Reported by Lin Chia-jin

On July 14, accompanied by Rev Dr Paul D. McLean and his wife Mary Beth McLean, Rev Peter Bush – Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada(PCC), and his wife Debbie Bush visited Rev Lyim Hong-tiong, General Secretary of PCT at General Assembly Office.

Noteworthy is that Mrs Debbie Bush was born in Taiwan and her father, Rev Dr James E. Sutherland, had once served temporarily as acting Principal of Taiwan Theological College and Seminary from 1966 to 1967, and as Assistant General Secretary of PCT from 1968 to 1975 to support Rev Chong Mao-cheng and Rev Kao Chun-ming.

During their visit at PCT GA office, issues of transitional justice, aboriginal Bible translations and elder people’s ministry were exchanged. Rev Lyim Hong-tiong particularly expressed his deep appreciation for PCC’s historical commitment to PCT, from Rev George Leslie MacKay in the latter half of 19th century to current multi-linguistic Bible translation ministries led by Rev Paul D McLean since 1985 on diverse aboriginal languages in the aboriginal tribes of Paiwan, Drekay, Tayal, Bunun, Amis and Pinnuyumayan.

Attending the thanks-giving service for the publication of the aboriginal Dekay Bible is one of the major stops of Rev Peter Bush and Rev McLean’s journey in Taiwan. Having heard the remarks of “Seeing the publication of the first ever Drekay Bible published, our Drekay elders said in tears that they were content to leave this world without any regrets!”, delivered to the audience by Rev Deresay Tavelengane – Moderator of Drekay Presbytery, Rev McLean said in emotion that it was impressively unforgettable.

Translated by Peter Wolfe