2017 Universiade Escorted By Taiwan Churches


Taiwan Church News
3418 Edition
August 28 – September 3, 2017
Headline News

2017 Universiade Escorted By Taiwan Churches

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

Within the period of 2017 Universiade, known as World University Games and held at Taipei from August 19 to 30, many Taiwan churches organize a “Mini U” summer camp event at Taipei Expo Park to preach good news through kid games and community festivals.

The churches involved in the evangelical ministry for this 2017 Universiade established an organization, called Y2Game, consisting of Suan-lien Presbyterian Church, Chong-lun Presbyterian Church, OC International, Youth With A Mission, the First and Second Congregation of Gideon International Taipei, Altogether Beautiful Church and etc.

Ms Chen Chin-ping, an OC International missionary engaged in the evangelical ministry alongside major sport events from Atlanta Olympics, Seoul Olympics up to date for over two decades, expressed that it’s a very amazing experience to let her see the Universiade flag flying around Taipei streets in the beginning of this year, and then she passed an inquiry to Rev Peng Jung-dow, pastor of youth of Suan-lien Presbyterian Church, if he would grab
this special opportunity to launch an evangelical ministry?

Due to an incredibly introduction by a long-lost friend, Rev Peng started to contact Taipei Arts International Association and then spent four months to organize this evangelical event of “Mini U” in the form of community festivals plus kids games. It was estimated that over a thousand Taipei citizens, who had came to see the contests of Universiade, were introduced to learn the good news through evangelical pamphlets and devices.

During the event of “Mini U”, many athletes were invited by Ms Chiu Hai-cheng, a female Christian entertainer and a former athlete, to witness the renewals of their lives; many brothers and sisters of Chong-lun Presbyterian Church and volunteers of Rainbow Mother Story-Telling Ministry took part into all kinds of service jobs, like reception, program hosting, pamphlet delivery and etc; Teco Charity Foundation generously offered kinds of dessert and
drink; lots of evangelical bill and pamphlets were freely supplied by the churches and Christian institutes.

Translated by Peter Wolfe