147 Taiwan NGO Groups Pledge To Rescue Li Ming-che Abducted By China


Taiwan Church News
3418 Edition
August 28 – September 3, 2017
Church Ministry

147 Taiwan NGO Groups Pledge To Rescue Li Ming-che Abducted By China

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

On August 22, 147 Taiwan NGO groups held a press conference before the congress’ building of MP offices and announced to launch a united rescue team for the abducted NGO social worker Li Ming-che who had been jailed by China government over 160 days in a fabricated crime of subverting the regime of the state.

To China government, this united rescue team of 147 Taiwan NGO openly raised three questions and one statement: first, where is Li Ming-che imprisoned now? ; second, what are the due processes to indict and jail Lee? ; third, who is the lawyer of Li? Why this lawyer had never contacted Li’s families on Li’s case? And one statement: China should provide all necessary information and humanitarian supports for Li’s families in order to visit Li, according to article 12 of chapter 3 specified in the “Cross-Strait Joint Fight against Crime and Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement”, a legal act agreed between China and Taiwan since 2009.

Rev Lin Wei-lien, secretary of PCT Church and Society Committee, explained the reason why PCT also stood up for this rescue operation of Li Ming-che in the press conference. China government’s deliberate clamp-down of human rights workers and malicious fabrication of crime charges against them in recent years, just to stabilize Xi Jing-pin’s authoritarian ruling, was evidently against the biblical teachings in Ten commandments, as “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”(Exodus 20:16), Rev Lin remarked.

Rev Huang Chun-shen, pastor of Chi-nan Presbyterian Church of Chi-Hsin Presbytery, expressed that Christians should gravely concern this event of Li Ming-che due to the causes of justice and human rights, otherwise any evangelical mission into China in the future would be fabricated or prosecuted with crimes you would never know.

Translated by Peter Wolfe