Youth Witness Faith In The Aboriginal Youth Sport Competition Event

Taiwan Church News
3424 Edition
October 9 – 15, 2017
Church Ministry
Youth Witness Faith In The Aboriginal Youth Sport Competition Event
Reported by Umav
The 8th round of PCT Aboriginal Youth Sport Competition Cup, a renown sport event among the aboriginal college students, was held at Kaohsiung’s Fu-Chen High School from October 7 to 8.  Many aboriginal youth across the island came to participate this sport event, not only attended by students from major cities like Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung and Hua-lien but also from rural tribal villages of Bunun, Tayal, Paiwan and many others.
To meet the dynamic and energetic physical needs from youth, the competition items cover basketball, volleyball and track & field. In addition, an evangelical music program entitled A Night of Culture was held, inviting two famous athletes having competed in recent 2017 Taipei Universiade sport event, to share their stories of faith in their training and competitions.
In the program of A Night of Culture, Mr Kao Chang-hong, a bronze-medal winner of weightlifting in the Universiade, remarked emotionally that the Christian faith gave him a big comfort and peaceful strength, especially when he sadly learned his father had been passed away during his participation in the Universiade. He encouraged the aboriginal youth to stick to the faith and do their best in whatever studies or workshops they were engaged and pay their hard-earned honors to the tribes where they were cared and nurtured.
Translated by Peter Wolfe