Making Taiwan Unconquerable By Civilian-Based Defense


Taiwan Church News
3425 Edition
October 16 – 22, 2017
Headline News

Making Taiwan Unconquerable By Civilian-Based Defense

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

In the eve before the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a new book entitled as Making Taiwan Unconquerable: The Realization of National Soft Power was launched jointly by PCT and the Taiwan Research Association of National Peace Security(TRANPS) hoping Taiwan to become a “new and independent country”.

On the reason why PCT and TRANPS launched this book before CCP’s 19th National Congress, Prof Albert Lin, founding president of TRANPS, pointed out straightly that the answer was just as simple as the book’s title showcased: Making Taiwan Unconquerable! In addition, Prof Lin stressed, there is a practical theory and method espoused in the book about how to build Taiwan as a new and independent country.

Prof Lin specially honored PCT’s outstanding contributions and humble roles in the past 70 years to move forward Taiwan’s freedom and democracy: acting as a prophet speaking out the truth under KMT’s authoritarian dictatorship; serving as a priest to comfort those in suffering and help deliver the baby democracy; leading as a prince to protect Taiwan island with three critical statements: “Statement on our national fate”, “Our Appeal” and “A Declaration on Human Rights”.

Prof Lin reminded that Taiwan’s current China policy, so called “maintain status quo”, has its own bottleneck to solve an urgent crisis fanned by China. Taiwanese people absolutely have the capability and wisdom to defend themselves, said Prof Lin, but a lethal point is her lack of will and self-confidence to handle the seemingly inevitable. Therefore, a civilian-based defense system with practical theory and method is absolutely a feasible way to defend our treasured island and people, said Prof Lin, adding that this book would be sent to President Tsai, lawmakers and national security councils and administrations.

Translated by Peter Wolfe