Vox Nativa Children’s Choir Sing For The Ray of Hope


Taiwan Church News

3456 Edition

21 – 27 May, 2018

Church Ministry


Vox Nativa Children’s Choir Sing For The Ray of Hope


Reported by Chen Yi-fan


Established in 1999 by three visionary female missionary, Ms Beverly Bedwell, Ms Carolyn Ardron and Ms Susan Thompson, the Ray of Hope Christian Registered Charitable Organization is a cross-denominational and non-profitable charity ministry focusing to offer free accommodation and professional service to pregnant un-married women or teenaged girls without medical resources or family support.

In order to urge more people to care and support the ministry for those helpless women and girl in pregnancy, the famous Vox Nativa Children’s Choir, led by Principal Bukut of Tong-Pu Elementary School of Hsin-Yi Township in Nan-Tou County, will hold a charity choir performance for the Ray of Hope at Tainan Holiness Church on June 2.

Ms Juanita Hebard, chief executive officer of the Ray of Hope, expressed that it’s absolutely a heart-breaking and shocking news to learn the numbers of how many un-born babies were aborted each year here in Taiwan. As Taiwan society get used to blame the pregnant un-married woman or teenaged girls with a harsh moral standard, abortion becomes a natural and convenient choice for those inflicted women and girls, Ms Hebard says, adding that there should be another pro-life alternative existing for these young sisters: giving birth the baby and willing to let other compassionate family to adopt it!

Except establishing a 24/7 free telephone call, 0800-222-785, for counselling the crisis during pregnancy, the Ray of Hope also sets up an accommodation & care center, a volunteer training center, Thrift Store for second-handed goods in order to provide complete and humanitarian counselling, service and training for those women and under-aged girls desperately in need.

Mentioning Taiwan society’s reluctance to adopt the children from other families, preferring to raise the children within their own blood lineages, Ms Hebrad could not help but drop her tears reminding us that we are all generously adopted by God with His total love and acceptance. To preach God’s generous love and unbiased adoption of us, the Ray of Hope promotes the ideas of adoption very positively in recent years. Through the coming charity of Vox Nativa Children’s Choir performance, Ms Hebard wishes to raise NT$ 30 million to build a new site at Tainan rural area for a continuous engagement in this Pro-Life ministry for Taiwan society!

Translated by Peter Wolfe