[3343]Editorial: Take The Easy Road Or The Hard One?

Taiwan Church News

3343 Edition

March 21 – 27, 2016



Editorial: Take The Easy Road Or The Hard One?


A few days ago, there was a news saying that, due to some hearsay of ghost stories, many people were afraid to approach the cleared site of Weiguan Jinglong Building, which was collapsed due to a 6.4 earthquake on February 6 this year, local business around the site was dropped to an unprecedented low level. In order to break down such superstitious rumors, both Tainan City Mayor William Lai and Pingtung County Magistrate Pang Meng-an went together to purchase some goods from these local stores. Hence, not only local communities were greatly inspired, those ghost stories were also driven away. Instead of confining us in a special comfort-zone, this local news also makes us Christians to reflect further, after so many people having experienced the drastic disaster and psychological trauma, whether we should step out of the wall of church and bring forth the power of peace?

In annual Easter Day, the Christians are used to decorating the church seriously with an awe-inspiring and solemn milieu to feel vividly the passion and suffering of Jesus. But the theological significance shown in this traditional setting is quite inconsistent with the teachings of contemporary church: Theologia Gloriae first or become a leader! The real spirit of Jesus’ passion is his sacrifice for the salvation of us, not for his own benefits. The path to Lord’s glory is still through sacrifice in action, not by cheap words from mouth only.

After Tainan’s destructive earthquake on February 6, an incessant supply of first-aid supports and resources from PCT’s brothers and sisters is truly appreciated. These anonymous and humble heros also showed up in the past historic events when Taiwan society were confronted big disasters. They are the people who simply want to reach out to help, not to seek any media flash lights. Within this brave sacrifice to rescue, our Lord’s glory is witnessed. It is never short of criticisms from back fires or stubborn dogmatists, though, especially when the money and resources are donated for the people beyond the church’s wall, it is still a great opportunity for us learn Jesus’ sacrifice in action yet not in complaint.

If we take a step further to think about our Christian duty, then we can find it is not limited to the where and when of those catastrophes happened. Facing so many social injustices, be it may environmental pollution, economical exploitation or kinds of discrimination, are we willing to stand up to witness our Lord’s glory in the spirit of Jesus’ sacrifice? Instead of desiring to administer a mega-church, acquiring more titles and grabbing more powers, the so-called religious leaders should do their utmost to serve the marginalized and stand by the poor. This is the most precious gift that Jesus brought for this world.

Since the publication of Jesus > Religion, a straight-talk book about the difference between religion and faith, many young Christians are deeply inspired to pick up their faith again. This book clearly explains why many erroneous and stereotyped dogmas, self-righteous clerics and unswerving zealots in the name of their gods have nothing to do with Jesus. PCT is fortunate enough to be a church proclaiming the gospel across Taiwan in every town and city. Though we do not have enviably lucrative donation or spectacular assembly like some mega-churches in big cities, our grass-root typed pastoral lives strenuously connecting with the people and local communities is the most beautiful gift and amazing grace blessed by our Lord. We should remember what Jesus said in scripture: “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction, and there are many who take it. For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matthew 7: 13 – 14)