[3389]Yunlin Lantern Festival Shined The Love Of God

Taiwan Church News

3389 Edition

February 6 – 12, 2017

Headline News


Yunlin Lantern Festival Shined The Love Of God


Reported by Chen Yi-hsuan


On February 5, within the religious lantern district of 2017 Yunlin Lantern Festival’s Site, a Christian service of blessing and prayer was held. Mr Lee Chin-yun, Magistrate of Yunlin County Government and a member of Fu-Wei Presbyterian Church of Chia-yi Presbytery, was specially invited to deliver his thanks-giving and good wishes to the visitors from across the island.

“Though the process of bidding to operate this lantern festival in Yunlin is full of difficulty, due to a limited financial budget and material resources”, Magistrate Lee remarked, “I am very appreciated to innumerable support and prayer from so many country folks, especially to the amazing grace from our Lord. Wish His blessing kept pouring down on this beautiful land!”.

To shown their most beautiful lantern designs and sincere blessings to this land and the people, many Yunlin’s local churches took part in this lantern festival including PCT’s Chia-yi Presbytery, Roman Catholic Diocese of Kiayi, Fu-chi Church of Dou-nan Township, and many others.

Dr Wang Yi-Lian, an associate professor of theatrical art of National Sun Yat-sen University and an Elder of Hou-Bi Presbyterian Church, was commissioned by PCT Chia-yi Presbytery to design three thematic lanterns, entitled as “This world’s true light”, “The five loaves and the two fish”, and “Fish for people”, in order to attract more people to learn the good news from God’s love.

Translated by Peter Wolfe