Seminar on “Reading the Bible with New Eyes” Held by Payuan Presbytery


Taiwan Church News
3551 Edition
March 16 -22, 2020
Church News

Seminar on “Reading the Bible with New Eyes” Held by Payuan Presbytery

Reported by Lin Wan-ting

To comply with PCT’s vision of mission, “One Leads One, New Double Movement”, Payuan Presbytery holds an seminar on “Reading the Bible with New Eyes” at the International Conference Hall of Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center on March 11. Many aboriginal pastors, elders and church co-workers are invited to share their experiences, thoughts and expectations on serving the ministry of God’s Word from an indigenous point of view.

In the opening thanks-giving service, Rev Sulja, Moderator of Payuan Presbytery, quotes the saying of Jesus: “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit”(John 12:24) to encourage the audience breaking a stereotyped mindset toward the Bible. Instead, we should dig deeper into God’s Words to find the life stream and bear more fruits, Rev Sulja says.

Rev Ljegean, general secretary of Payuan Presbytery, expresses that the ministry of “reading the Bible with New Eyes” is one of the critical ministries among Payuan Presbytery’s mission project from 2018 to 2023. As indigenous church confronts kinds of new challenges from urban environments to rural demands, it is the high time for the church to engage an new-eyes reading of the Bible in order to find the way out, Rev Ljegean says.

Rev Tan Tek-in, secretary of PCT Evangelism Committee, is invited as the keynote speaker to introduce to the audience the genesis and function of the ministry of “Reading the Bible with New Eyes”. He stresses this ministry is visioned as a powerful reformation movement from an Asian Christian perspective, not only for personal devotion but also could be implemented as the action guidelines in our evangelical mission.

Rev Chen reminds the assembly that the PCT quarterly pamphlet for “Reading the Bible with New Eyes” is not an exegesis or interpretation of the Bible. Instead, this pamphlet is a companion reader, says Rev Tan, the Bible should be read first.

Rev Ljumeg, pastor of Tjavatjavang Presbyterian Church of Payuan Presbytery, expresses her lament that the PCT quarterly pamphlet for “Reading the Bible with New Eyes” is quite short of aboriginal stories, witnesses and viewpoints in the past publications. She wishes more aboriginal writers, editors or artists could join into this ministry and invite more indigenous compatriots to learn the good news of Jesus.

Rev Tan Hui-shok, editor of the quarterly pamphlet of “Reading the Bible with New Eyes”, remarks that this ministry of proclaiming God’s Words in modern times is not only a long-term movement but also a grand team-work, including writers, editors, publishing staffs, printing house, readers and donors. This ministry is just like a relay run in the track-and-field game, everyone is critical to win our goal and do the loyal service to God, Rev Tan says.

Translated by Peter Wolfe