Cooking Sticky Rice Dumpling as a Cure of Homesick


Taiwan Church News
3566 Edition
June 29 to July 5, 2020
Church News

Cooking Sticky Rice Dumplings as a Cure of Homesick

Reported by Lin Yi-ying

Through celebrating the traditional Boat Dragon Festival, some Hong Kong immigrants, Korean students and missionaries flock together cooking the Hong-Kong-style rice dumplings to ease their dire homesick at Chi-Nan Presbyterian Church on June 25.

Ms Angela, counselor of a newly established Hong Kong Christian Fellowship within Chi-Nan Presbyterian Church, expresses that most members of this HK Fellowship are youth immigrants having been granted a Taiwanese citizen status to flee possible persecution from Beijing since the movement of anti-extradition-to-China initiated from last year.

These HK sisters and brothers have all decide to start a new life here in Taiwan, Angela says, yet like all new immigrants they still miss their family and connections in hometown, especially when the traditional festivals is approaching.

The decision to start a new career away from home needs great courage, Angela says, and these new Taiwanese Christians from Hong Kong need the support from Taiwan church to carry on their spiritual pilgrimage in faith.

Translated by Peter Wolfe