Lu-Chou Church Shares Good News in Christmas Season


Taiwan Church News
3591 Edition
December 21 – 27, 2020
Church Ministry

Lu-Chou Church Shares Good News in Christmas Season

Reported by Lin Jia-chin from New Taipei City

Remembering the courageous missionary spirit of Rev George Leslie MacKay preaching the gospel at Lu-Chou area in 1873, Lu-Chou Presbyterian Church held an evangelical march along the downtown’s main street in the evening on December 19th.

Over 70 congregation members, including the married couple, adolescent, youth and the elder people, were invited to participate this Christmas event to share the good news and perform kinds of talent shows for the community.

Recruiting the elder brothers and sisters to perform the handbell hymns, Rev Chen Kuo-chen and his wife, Rev Lin Yi-chuan, started the plan of evangelical march since mid-October.

About 1,000 packages of Christmas present, including New Testament Bible, evangelical leaflets, Ken-Shin Weekly(published by TCP), Church Assembly Timetable, Christmas cakes and candies, were all delivered to the citizens along Lu-Chou area’s main street. In the Christmas season, the Taiwanese people were very much pleased to receive this amazing good news from local churches, like Lu-Chou Presbyterian Church, around the island.

Translated by Peter Wolfe