The Era of Discontent Book-Launched in POJ-Mandarin Mix


Taiwan Church News
3631 Edition
September 27 ~ October 3, 2021
Church News

The Era of Discontent Book-Launched in POJ-Mandarin Mix

Reported by Lin Wang-ting

Titled as “The Era of M-Gam-Guan(Discontent)” and published by Taiwan Church Press, an oral autobiography of Mr Huang Chao-Huei, a church elder and a renown former legislator, was launched at Yen-Cheng Presbyterian Church on 26 September 2021.

Many important scholars, political leaders and high-ranking officials, including Dr Chen Yong-Hsin(founder of Taiwan People News), Dr Chen Yi-Shen(President of Academia Historica), Lawyer Chang Chung-Hsiong(former Prime Minister), Rev Chen Hsin-Liang(PCT General Secretary), Mrs Chen Chu(Chair of National Human Rights Commission) and Dr Chen Chi-Mai(Mayo of kaohsiong City) were invited to witness the birth of this heavy-weight autobiography deemed as a critical historical witness of early formation of Taiwan democracy.

Elder Huang Chao-Huei strongly urged seminary students to read his biography in order to learn the reform spirit of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan. In the meantime, this book will be very helpful for the pastoring ministries at local church, he said.

Elder Huang expressed the reason why his personal witness written in POJ-Mandarin mix is a praxis to fight against current mandarin-dominance language phenomenon and writing culture. He also paid tribute to Dr Shoki Coe, former TTCS President, for his inspiring characters and audacious m-gam-guan(discontent) theology to speak for the voiceless Taiwan people under oppression and exploitation.

Translated by Peter Wolfe