Remember the Reformation in Humbleness, Confession and Repentance


Taiwan Church news
3636 Edition
1 ~ 7 November, 2021
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Remember the Reformation in Humbleness, Confession and Repentance

Reported by Tai-yang Hong

To remember Martin Luther’s revolutionary post of Ninty-five theses, protesting the errors, abuses and discrepancies of his contemporary church on 31st October 1517, PCT’s Changchua Presbytery held an united memorial service at Tsau-Kang Presbyterian Church in the evening on 29th October 2021. About 50 PCT members from 11 churches and affiliated institutes attended the service.

Quoting the Scripture of the gospel of Matthew, Matt 4:17; 23:1~6; 23:23~28; 23:37`38, Rev Wang Jing-tsai of Yong-Fuh Presbyterian Church in th sermon encouraged the audience, especially those who are serving as pastor, elder and deacon, to reflect their faith and action based on Jesus’ warnings toward the scribes and Pharisees in the Bible.

Rev Wang reminded Taiwan church not to succumb to the secular world values and then easily throw away the divine words from God. We should learn from the Ninty-five theses that the corruption usually exists within the church high-ranks, and the PCT church should stick to the spirit of Martin Luther and vows not to consume the church resources and serve us only, Rev Wang said.

Instead of caring church members only, Taiwan churches should reach out to the elderly, the needy and the foreigners in the community, Rev Wang stressed, the point is to proclaim and share the good news in a team-work fellowship.

In the meantime, the PCT church should reflect whether she could walk humbly with God? We have to live again in humbleness, confession and repentance to realize and appreciate the justice of the kingdom of God, Rev Wang expressed.

Translated by Peter Wolfe