Rev Lyim is Recovering Well and Let’s Keep Praying for Him


Taiwan Church News
3593 Edition
4 – 10 January, 2021
Church News

Rev Lyim is Recovering Well and Let’s Keep Praying for Him

Reported by Lin Yi-Ying

On December 16 in 2020, staffs of the Office of PCT General Assembly, led by PCT GA Moderator Rev Abus Takisvilainan, paid a visit at Chang-Hua Christian Hospital to General Secretary Rev Lyim who got a stroke in last January due to busy ministries with heavy loads. Learning from the hospital that Rev Lyim was recovering well, Rev Abus and staffs were all very pleased to give their thanksgiving and bless him return back to good health soon.

Rev Lyim Hong-tiong got the stroke and fell down to the ground in the early morning at his home, and then this accident was later found by his family at 5:30 a.m. on January 4, 2020. After sending to the hospital to proceed an urgent rescue, Rev Lyim came back to life consciously on January 20, beginning to drink, eat, and proceed a series of rehab since then.

In his letter to the PCT members, “Words of Gratitude and Greetings from PCT General Secretary” dated February 7, 2020, Rev Lyim quoted an eloquent advise from Rev. Dr. Shoki Coe to the PCT: “United we stand, divided we fall” to encourage all PCT members to insist the spirit of prophets in the dark times and urge Taiwan to walk in the path of the justice and peace.

Translated by Peter Wolfe