Beautiful Footprints Series to be Published by Taiwan Church Press


Taiwan Church News
3635 Edition
October 25 – 31, 2021
General Assembly News

Beautiful Footprints Series to be Published by Taiwan Church Press

Reported by Lin Yi-yang

An amazing publishing project for Beautiful Footprints Series, initially launched as a Sunday School summer educational material at Tungmen Presbyterian Church in 2013 and then edited by PCT Education Ministry Committee, was officially authorized to Taiwan Church Press from The Apostle Press at a contract signing ceremony on October 20, 2021.

Rev Lee Wei-ting, secretary of PCT Education Ministry Committee, remarked that the salient contents of Beautiful Footprints Series contain not only Biblical messages of faith, but also dozens of personal vivid stories of missionaries served in modern Taiwan.

In recent years, Rev Loh Chung-gi did made a great contribution to both raise money and develop audio-clip/picture-book for the promotion of Beautiful Footprints Series, Rev Lee remarked.

Rev Chen Hsin-loan, General Secretary of PCT and chairman of the Apostle Press, expressed that the core message of these missionaries’ amazing stories is to respond the love from God. And we should share such love to more people around us, Rev Chen said.

Rev Wang Chong-ren, chairman of Taiwan Church Press, affirmed this publication project could be very valuable to establish good models for Taiwan Church and Christians. “Let us not fear to perish now, as our descendants will prosper forever”, Rev Wang stressed.

Translated by Peter Wolfe